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Inside a timber frame building

Why Timber Frame?
Inside More people are choosing to build in timber frame than traditional brick and block construction. This method is popular with major UK house builders and virtually all self builders.

The facts that speak for themselves:

  • Factory manufacture – Ensures accuracy, reduces adverse weather problems
  • Quality assured – Simplifies on-site erection
  • Cost effective – Reduces build cost
  • Build flexibility – Customised design capability
  • Energy efficient – Lower heating bills through improved insulation
  • Speed of production – Shortening overall build time
  • Lightweight components – Easy to transport, Ideal for sites with difficult land conditions or that need crane facilities.

New builds nowadays must conform to new thermal efficiency standards. Since wood is a natural insulator this enhances the efficiency of insulation materials, thus the timber build method has been exceeding set standards for many years. Timber framed homes are more comfortable through better insulation ensuring a cosier abode with lower heating costs.

No other building method is as simple, versatile or cost-effective. As timber-framed homes are engineered in our factory the fabrication method does away with many of the building processes once performed on-site.

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